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Becoming a TRACOM Social Style Certified Instructor

Becoming a TRACOM Certified Facilitator / Instructor enables a person to teach the powerful SOCIAL STYLE Model to others. Certification is required to use TRACOM’s multi-rater profiles (assessments) and facilitate many SOCIAL STYLE programs and courses.

This certification can be carried out in three ways

  • On our open programmes (Details below)
  • In your Organisation (Details on request)
  • Through Self Study and One on One Face/Webex Session

SOCIAL STYLE Products are available in Self Perception versions as well as Multi-Rater (often referred to as 360) versions. There is no certification needed to use the Self Perception Profiles.

As part of any Certification you will receive a comprehensive Certification Kit and the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to facilitate the concepts of Social Style and Versatility in training sessions or during one to one coaching. To enrol or find out more information on our next Certification Workshop just follow the links. You will be able to pay by credit card or if you prefer to pay on invoice, please click on the additional payment options button and request us to send you an invoice.

Who should attend this training programme?

  • Anyone who wants to be able to deliver Social Style Products and Training Programmes including the full range of Multi Rater profiles which are only available to TRACOM Certified Practitioners.
  • HR and Training Personnel who want to roll out SOCIAL STYLE Programmes and Profiles in their organisations.
  • Independent Trainers and Coaches who want to roll out SOCIAL STYLE Programmes and Profiles to their clients.
  • Business Leaders who want to develop the SOCIAL STYLE and Emotional Intelligence of their employees or themselves.

By the end of this 2 day Programme you will;

  • Gain a thorough working knowledge of the SOCIAL STYLE Model™
  • Determine your own SOCIAL STYLE and VERSATILITY by completing a Multi-Rater Profile
  • Develop an awareness of your behavior and how others tend to view people with your Style
  • Develop some ways to use your SOCIAL STYLE in order to be more productive with others
  • Develop the skills to deliver feedback with SOCIAL STYLE Products
  • Develop skills to train and facilitate workshops using SOCIAL STYLE and VERSATILITY profiles

Who will deliver this event?

Graham Price is a specialist in developing the communication and relationship skills of others in a work environment. Heading up Accelerate UK, his work with SOCIAL STYLE and takes him around the world developing the leadership and business development skills of Business Leaders and their teams.

Where will this event take place?

The Hilton Gatwick Airport, located close to London and major transport links with first class training facilities including cutting edge technology, breakout rooms, natural light and delicious refreshments.
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To become a certified SOCIAL STYLE Trainer and develop your inter-personal relationship skills with SOCIAL STYLE, all you have to invest is 2 days of your time and £832.50 (plus VAT at 20%). You can pay online or request an INVOICE by following this link. Attendees should arrive 15 minutes before the start time for coffee, biscuits and registration

What is the end result of attending the SOCIAL STYLE Certification course?

You will be certified and able to order and deliver a wide range of SOCIAL STYLE Products and courses produced by the TRACOM group in your organisation or to your clients including the Multi-Rater profiles that are only available to Certified Trainers. You will also be able to take advantage of exclusive offers at the end of the event to get you started, that could be worth several thousand pounds.


Developed by David Merril and Roger Reid, the founders of the TRACOM group in the US in the 1960’s, their research focused on 3 key areas and has been developed over 40 years – Assertiveness – Responsiveness – Versatility. The first two dimensions look at SOCIAL STYLE and whether you have the following style; Driving, Amiable, Analytic or Expressive . The third dimension is VERSATILITY which focuses on the key areas of Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback.

Who uses TRACOM Products?

The top organisations in the world have been using TRACOM Products directly to develop the relationship skills of their employees for decades. Now these products are available to a broader range of organisations in the UK and Europe through Accelerate UK and are available in multiple languages and normed for different populations. A sample of organisations that use TRACOM Products include; Abbott Laboratories, American Airlines, Bank of America, BASF, BP Amoco, Caterpillar, ChevronTexaco, Citibank, Coors, Deloitte & Touche, Delta Air Lines, Deutsche Bank, Disney, Dupont Dow, Eastman Kodak Company, Elan Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly & Company, Ernst & Young, Ford Motor Company, Fujitsu, Godiva Chocolatier, Hitachi, John Deere, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, MetLife, Michelin, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Nabisco, NCR Corporation, Phillips Medical Systems, Prudential, Reed Elsevier, Rockwell, International Corporation, Royal Caribbean, Siemens, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., The Dow Chemical Company, The Gillette Company, Thomson Publishing Group, Inc., Toyota, Tyco Healthcare, Unisys, Victoria’s Secret.

If you are interested in having a training programme delivered in your organisation, want information on how to become certified or more detail on Multi Rater profiles, please contact us now or follow the links;

Training ProgrammesCertificationMulti Rater Profiles

SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Certification Guide

SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Certification Guide

The SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Certification Guide is the foundation of every certification. Using the guide, the master facilitator will cover core concepts of SOCIAL STYLE and provide opportunities for candidates to “teach back” what they’ve learned.

Multi-Rater SOCIAL STYLE & Enhanced Versatility Profile Guide

Multi-Rater SOCIAL STYLE & Enhanced Versatility Profile Guide

The Multi-Rater SOCIAL STYLE® & Enhanced Versatility Profile Guide is a thorough explanation of the SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Profile from both the facilitator’s and participants’ perspectives. It shows how to use the SOCIAL STYLE & Enhanced Versatility Multi-rater Profile to enhance the understanding and impact of SOCIAL STYLE training.

SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Technical Report

SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Technical Report

The SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Technical Report is intended to be a companion to other facilitator materials, notably the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Facilitator Handbook. By reviewing this report you will understand the important role that research plays in the SOCIAL STYLE Model. More importantly, you will gain an understanding of exactly how TRACOM ensures that our profiles are accurate and dependable. This will help you to have confidence in our products and services, and to explain these concepts to the people you teach.

SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Facilitator Handbook

SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Facilitator Handbook

The SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Facilitator Handbook serves as the single best source to learn about the SOCIAL STYLE Model and its ability to improve relationships as well as efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. In the late 1950’s, Dr. David Merrill developed a statistically validated selection instrument that became the gold standard for recruiting and selecting candidates in the workplace, specifically managers, senior executives, and sales professionals. SOCIAL STYLE has grown to become the world’s leading Behavioral Style model, being used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership performance and sales results.

Achieving Higher Versatility Resource Guide

Achieving Higher Versatility is a hands-on guide to mastering the Versatility skills that determine individual and organisational success. It includes detailed descriptions of Versatility and specific techniques for improving your own productivity when working with others. It’s the perfect follow-up for anyone with previous SOCIAL STYLE training. Available in hard copy, CD-ROM or on Amazon Kindle

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