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The Four Social Styles

Social Style

The four Social Styles

Over 50 years of research by the TRACOM group has revealed that people operate with four distinct ways of interaction, or SOCIAL STYLES. A brief explanation of each style is detailed by following the links below or there is more detail if you view the Social Style Video below;

Analytical – Amiable – Driving – Expressive

Amiable Style

Amiables are people-oriented, and care more about close relationships than results or influence. They usually appear warm, friendly and cooperative. Amiables tend to move slowly with a low time discipline, minimising risk and often using personal opinions to arrive at decisions. Belonging to a group is a primary need, and Amiables may make every effort to gain acceptance.

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Analytical Style

Analyticals value facts above all, and may appear uncommunicative, cool and independent. They have a strong time discipline coupled with a slow pace to action. They value accuracy, competency and logic over opinions, often avoiding risk in favor of cautious, deliberate decisions. Analyticals are usually cooperative, providing they have some freedom to organise their own efforts.

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Driving Style

Driving styles want to know the estimated outcome of each option. They are willing to accept risks, but want to move quickly and have the final say. In relationships, they may appear uncommunicative, independent and competitive. Tend to focus on efficiency or productivity.

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Expressive Style

Expressives are motivated by recognition, approval and prestige. They tend to appear communicative and approachable, often sharing their feelings and thoughts. They move quickly, continually excited about the next big idea, but they may not always commit to specific plans or see things through to completion.

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Social Style and Versatility

Social Style

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